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Oct 7, 2013

Big thanks to the soon-to-be-regular peanut gallery ... @JoeKnape and @BeauWoods for jumping in this morning and breaking it down with James and I.

As a personal message to those of you who listen and our community - please ...remember we all live in a giant glass house, and throwing rocks is a bad, bad idea. I've said it before and I'm looking right at the media for this one (ahem...) - unless you've been in a high-stress environment and have successfully thwarted every attack, please don't go trying to personally attack those out there who work hard at it every day. It just makes you look like an idiot. Nobody wins when we name and shame and attack people personally. Remember that when it's your turn to stand in the spotlight.

Topics Covered

So ... does anyone actually read these? If so, let me know on Twitter? Hashtag #DtR