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Sep 16, 2013

In this episode...

  • Mike explains once and for all how the BSides namesake came to be
  • We talk about how the industry has evolved over the last 10+ years
  • Mike dispenses a little of his philosophy on how to better the industry
  • We talk burnout and why it exists, and possibly how to get through it


  • Mike Dahn ( @MikD ) - Mike Dahn is one of the original co-founders of the Security BSides conference many of you have attended, spoken at, or heard of. In addition to that, Michael Dahn is an information security and organizational design strategist responsible for the management of data strategies, project engagements, and cost modeling. With over 12 years of information security experience, Mr. Dahn has managed teams of 50 people and budgets of up to $30m annually for Fortune 500 companies. Today he focuses on leading mobile security strategies and industry relations.

    He is an industry leader in regulatory compliance issues who previously worked for Visa, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Verizon Business, created PCI training for and trained over 10,000 assessors, merchants, and vendors globally. He contributes regularly to the continued development of the global PCI guidelines.

    During his tenure Mr. Dahn has presented to a variety of financial and banking associations (FDIC and NCUA), including regulatory bodies such as the PCI Council, and information security groups on topics including mobile security, compliance, information security programs, auditing and network security, and computer hackers. He has been published in several news articles and TV spots on information security.