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Sep 4, 2013

Every once in a while this podcast has a guest who makes us truly feel blessed to be doing this - Rob Dubois is one of those people. If you don't know anything about Rob, go read his website, listen to this podcast and check out his book. He is a real American hero, a fantastic human being, and a true patriot. On behalf of James and I - I want to extend a hearty thank you for the time Rob spent, and wisdom he's imparted.

In this episode...

  • Rob Dubois on being a 'badass'
  • the parable of the blind wise men and the elephant
  • be reachable and teachable (be a RAT)
  • the collision of boots, bits, and threats
  • the arrogance of security professionals are a weakness
  • fail early, fail often - learn from it
  • why plans are useless, and planning is essential
  • a George Carlin quote, and a "The Office" reference
  • a brutal lesson from PoW training