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Jun 24, 2013

In this episode...

  • The gang discusses the issues with the rapid escalation of connectivity in modern-day industrial control systems
  • What specialized skills are needed to be a SCADA or ICS hacker
  • A nervous pause as vulnerabilities in ICS systems which could affect the adult beverage industry are touched upon
  • Discussion on how to deal with 25 year patch cycles
  • Why is it that embedded devices simply don't get patched like your other systems?
  • What are the real issues with ICS systems, and why they're not getting enough attention...yet


  • Mr. Billy Rios ( @XSSniper ) - In addition to being a long-time friend of mine, and one of the most knowledgable and humble people in the hacking space, Billy is currently a Technical Director and the Director of Consulting for Cylance. Billy is an accomplished web application hacker releasing an XSS tool which is currently his Twitter handle. While being a "big picture" guy, Billy also tackles some of the most complex large-scale ICS issues, and with his team works to identify and remediate threats to his clients.