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Apr 29, 2013

In this episode...

Live (live-to-tape) from 44Con, London, England.

It's amazing, listening to this episode recorded at 44Con last fall, how little the landscape of enterprise security has changed. I took some time during the busy conference to sit down with Ian Amit and Dennis Groves to discuss Ian and my talks (which were perfectly aligned, and completely unplanned!) on the state of security in the enterprise. It's always interesting to get the perspective from 2 industry-well-known speakers and thinkers.

We discuss the topics of #SecBiz including the role of security in the enterprise, the challenges business security professionals face, metrics and why we have some of the crazy change management failures in security. We laugh, we almost start to cry - but ultimately come to the realization that we need change. Ian and Dennis and I are working on driving that change!


  • Iftach Ian Amit ( @iiamit ) - Seasoned manager in the security and software industry with vast experience in a myriad areas of software (from enterprise security, through retail oriented, to end user software and large back-end systems). Highly experienced in leading marketing opportunities, and translating technical innovation into marketable concepts that increase sales and exposure. Information Security expert with vast experience ranging from low level technical expertise and up to corporate security policy, regulatory compliance and strategy. BlackHat and DefCon speaker, with vast experience in public speaking and private customer focused seminars. Founding member of the PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard), IL-CERT, and the Tel-Aviv DefCon group (DC9723).
  • Dennis Groves - Dennis's work focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to risk management. He is particularly interested in risk, randomness, and uncertainty. He holds an MSc in Information Security from the University of Royal Holloway where his thesis received a distinction. He is currently a UK expert for the UK mirror of ISO subcommittee 27, IT Security Techniques, working group 4, Security Controls and Services at the British Standards Institute. He is most well known for co-founding OWASP.