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Mar 25, 2013

Welcome to the Down the Rabbithole NewsCast!

Join me in welcoming James Jardine ( @JardineSoftware) of Secure Ideas to the show as a permanent co-host! The NewsCast is a bi-weekly (2nd and 4th Monday of the month) release where we'll discuss the news and events of the past 2 weeks, and attempt to analyze, break down, and generally make sense of the madness of the Security industry and real world at large.

Also a big thanks to Todd Haverkos, the voice behind the hilarious intro you'll hear on this podcast, and all the others ...

Topics We Covered

  • Apple's new 2-Factor Authentication went live
  • Cisco made passwords weaker (whoops!) in their IOS
  • The US Government struck out twice (SAM security issue, and a contractor "buys" warez)
  • Celebrities get their credit info jacked
  • S. Korea gets whacked with a nasty bug, wipes out 32,000 machines in one swoop