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Mar 11, 2013


This timely podcast is right on the heels of the US vs. Cotterman decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. One of the watershed decisions on privacy and digital law, this is an extremely important case that touches on whether government agents can take and search your digital property while crossing the border with or without cause or suspicion. Michael and Shawn give their analysis, and we get some critical information for international business travelers, as well as those of us in the security community who regularly cross the US border with sensitive, potentially encrypted or password-protected information.

Link to the original 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision:

You're not going to want to miss this podcast.


  1. Michael Schearer ( @theprez98 ) - Security consultant and penetration tester by day, law student and hacker by night, proud Navy veteran, writer, promoter of civility in political discourse, Philadelphia and Penn State sports fanatic, practicing philomath, and last but certainly not least, Dad and Husband. Michael maintains a fantastic blog at
  2. Shawn E. Tuma ( @shawnetuma ) - Partner at the law firm BrittonTuma and an attorney with a broad based business, litigation, and intellectual property litigation experience combined with his unique expertise with cutting-edge legal issues such as computer fraud, data security, privacy, and social media law. Shawn is a member of the Information Security Committee of the Section of Science & Technology Law for the American Bar Association and the Privacy, Data Security, and e-Commerce Committee of the State Bar of Texas. Shawn maintains a great resource for analysis on legal decisions