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Jul 10, 2012


This episode is special, not because it's more Info Security stuff, but because we take a far departure from the world of bits and bugs to the world of the pick-pocket and thief.  Sitting down with Bob Arno is a real pleasure, as he has the storytelling ability and knowledge to educate and open your eyes to a world where nothing is as it seems and anyone can be separated from their valuables.  Yes - this extends into the world of Information Security, and there are lessons to learn.

In this episode Bob and I talk about picking pockets, keeping yourself safe, and the world of criminal activity in the physical and digital world... Bob is also speaking at Hacker Halted, Miami 2012 so if you listen to this episode and are thinking about going ... there's a contest coming!  Stay tuned... and you can win an excusive, private dinner with Bob in Miami!


Bob Arno is widely known as the "World's foremost legal pick-pocket".  He's performed on stage, on television and has provided advice to travelers on how to keep from being roused... Bob is a speaker, entertainer, author, and special lecturer to law enforcement agencies. He has been profiled or quoted on NPR, CNN, MSNBC, ABC’s 20/20, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Court TV, in The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Kiplinger’s, National Geographic Traveler, Law and Order, and others. He has lectured for the Police Departments of Chicago, San Diego, Houston, Las Vegas, Detroit, Honolulu, Anaheim, and many abroad; for the California Tourism Safety & Security Conference, the International Tourism Safety and Security Conference, and many others; for Kroll & Associates, RSA Security Conference and Expo, and more. He taught an accredited course at the Connecticut State Police Training Academy.