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Jan 31, 2012


I sat down at the HP Master the Cloud ( event in Toronto, Canada to answer some Twitter-based questions, talk about the trade show, and listen to some of the fantastic things Victor and his team are working on right now in their incubator ... and it was a really great 20 minutes.  We covered the questions below (posted directly from Twitter, special thanks to all who participated) and talked about technology, the evolution of security, and how organizations can take advantage of this shift as technology turns the corner in a new operating and delivery paradigm.  Is cloud right for everyone?  Probably not.  Is cloud right in every situation?  Probably not.  This is exactly why you need to listen to Victor ... this is definitely a worthwhile way to spend 20 minutes of your time.

Questions from Twitter

  1. "What's your perspective on letting the entire Internet pen test your service in a sandboxed environment?" -- HackBlat (@HackBlat)
  2. Virtual processing is great, but how are we supposed to layer on data privacy? IoW - w/the "To the Cloud!" rush, why aren't there any (effective) integration patterns emerging? Lift & Drop is bad for data. -- awpiii (@awpiii)
  3. How does one establish bandwidth requirements when establishing a pipe to a cloud service? -- RonService (@RonService)
  4. Vendor routinely sell something not using themselves. What percentage of HP infrastructure is running in public cloud offering? -- brew_ninja (@brew_ninja)


  • Victor Garcia (CTO HP Canada) - Victor is the Chief Technology Officer for HP's Canada business, leading the business in technology & business strategy, incubation and commercialization of new technologies, strategic alliances, and systems integration as well as business management.  Victor's LinkedIn profile is here.