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Feb 11, 2012


  We were "live to tape" (as Adam says) from HP's Master the Cloud event in Calgary.  As we wrap up the road tour in the frozen city of Calgary I had the pleasure of sitting down with a comedian and celebrity, a technical expert on virtualization from HP, and the manager of Intel's advanced server technologies team.  This was a wild, off-the-rails discussion and you can really tell we were just having a good time and excited to wrap up the tour.  Great topics of discussion...

Topics covered in this episode include...

  • Hypervisors and their value to cloud computing, virtualization and hacking
  • Why are hypervisors critical to cloud computing?
  • Will Intel build a hypervisor into the silicone?
  • How robust driver stacks keep hypervisors 'safe' on the software level...
  • "Raising the bar" on security (analogies of a department store)
  • Virtualization of compute resources & BYOD ...slightly off the rails
  • Federation of identities, and applied to social media


Special Guests

  • Jake Smith (Advanced Server Technologies Manager at Intel Corp.) - Jake was a keynote speaker at HP's "Master the Cloud" tour across Canada speaking about Intel's vision for a more connected, more virtualized, and more secure Cloud Computing environment; including Intel's partnerships with HP and some of the advancements they have embarked on together.  Jake can be found on LinkedIn here:
  • Adam Growe (Celebrity host of Cash Cab Canada) - Adam is the host of Canada's "Cash Cab" show on the Discovery Channel.  Additionally, Adam has his own quiz show ("The Adam Growe Quiz Show") and is a recognized celebrity, accomplished comedian and emcee, and has the uncanny gift to derail any boring IT conversation! Adam can be found on FaceBook here: and on his own site: - on behalf of HP I wish to thank Adam for his presence and making us all chuckle.
  • Emrah Alpa (HP TippingPoint technical specialist) - Emrah in addition to being an accomplished DJ is the Northwest Canada regional HP TippingPoint technical expert.