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Jan 9, 2012


  This is the third and final part of a 3-part (3 x 30 minute segments) holiday episode that was aired LIVE, where Will, Scott and I talk about what significant things happened in 2011, and what we should be looking forward to in 2012.  No predictions, no propaganda, just hard-hitting, amusing, and often nostalgic discussion about the realities of living in an ever-more connected world as we go into 2012.  I hope you enjoy the podcast series if you missed it live.  In the future, look for announcements of live episodes on my (@Wh1t3rabbit) podcast feed and join in the discussion!

  If you're a fan of the dirty world of cyber-crime, botnets, and the seedy underbelly of polymorphic, crypto-virological (I think Will made that word up...) code, you need to hear this episode.  A great opportunity to hear Will share he experience as we talk through some of the nasty threats, real dangers and critical problems with the way we deal with the continuing digital criminal enterprise.  Enjoy the epside!


  • Will Gragido: In addition to being a great guy, and a personal friend of mine ...An information security and risk management professional with over 17 year’s professional industry experience, Mr.Gragido brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear. Working in a variety of roles, Mr.Gragido has deep expertise and knowledge in operations, analysis, management, professional services & consultancy, pre-sales / architecture and business development within the information security industry.  Will currently serves as the Senior product-line manager for HP Enterprise Security TippingPoint.
  • Scott Clark: Scott Clark brings more than 16 years of leadership experience to Vyatta as its Senior Director of Worldwide Channels. In this role, he is responsible for creating and managing Vyatta’s emerging Worldwide channel, as well as evaluating future channel opportunities. In addition to his role at Vyatta, Scott also serves as the Chapter President of the Cloud Security Alliance in Chicago.