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Nov 14, 2011


  This is perhaps the most important podcast I've recorded to date, and probably will record for some time.  The guests on my show in this episodes are not only privacy experts, but people who deal with digital privacy every day ...and are just as appalled as I am about the rapid erosion of privacy in the modern digital age.  From 4Square to the automated toll collection system - you're being tracked when you tweet, drive, and buy discount paper towels at your local market ...and technology is facilitating the privacy you're willfully giving up.

  STOP the madness!  This episode just scratches the surface on all the different methods we're giving away our reasonable expectation of privacy, and how corporations and governments are hastening its demise.


My guests on this podcast wished to remain anonymous (lower-case A) except for their Twitter handles.  Join me in thanking them for their time, thought, and insight.