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Nov 7, 2011


  This week I host Bryan Stiekes, a distinguished technologist with HP ...and not a security guy by trade.  Bryan has been a part of IT for a very long and distinguished career, with a background in networking and architecture.  Bryan's premise is that Information Security is at its core fundamentelly broken ...and I can't say I disagree.  We discuss the different aspects of what's been wrong with modern information security, and whether this is a good time to be in the 'business' of IT.

  This is a fascinating conversation for anyone who's feeling lost in IT Security ...and looking for some light at the end of the dark tunnel we've managed to wander into.



  • Bryan Stiekes - Distinguished Technologist Hewlett Packard - Bryan Stiekes is an HP Distinguished Technologist with a focus on network strategy and cloud services architecture. Bryan has deep experience in secure networking and in multi-tenant services architecture to this role. Recently he's been focusing on the emerging 'as-a-Service' ecosystem and how that ecosystem impacts enterprise network and security models... and a Jedi Master.