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Oct 24, 2011


  This is a special episode for anyone who's feeling like "Information Security" in their small business is impossible.  My guests and I talk through how to make information security a proper entity that can both serve the business need, and be respected; more than just survival, it's about making security thrive in the small business.  Michael potificates on what makes the security community such a valuable resource to security managers in his position, and we go into what advice you could give a vendor selling into a small business ... what a fascinating discussion!


  • J.W. Goerlich - Network and Security Manager for a midwestern financial organization
    Wolfgang has 15 years in IT, with a InfoSec focus for the past 5 years. He has a deep background in risk management and business continuity for SMB firms.
  • Michael Allen - Information Systems Security Officer for a Jamaican-based financial Institution. Michael has over 8 years experience in IT, with a focus on Infosec during the last 4 years. He has a strong background in application development with a keen interest in penetration testing, software security assurance and network security.