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Jun 18, 2012


Greetings fans, this episode promises to be a great one with the likes of Adam Shostack starting off talking about what the whole concept of "New School Security" is all about, and how it differs from the way we've all done it for the past 15+ years.  Adam and I talked through some new interesting ideas for moving the information security community and discipline forward, and even commented on how we can start to overcome the security community's focus on 'secrecy' when things go wrong.  How do security professionals understand what the desired outcomes should be, then start to move towards implemting pragmatic approaches to move closer to those desired outcomes - because in the end it's really about business and getting it done, not about 'security'.

You will be sorry if you miss this episode!


  • Adam Shostack - Adam Shostack is a principal program manager on the Usable Security team in Trustworthy Computing. As part of ongoing research into classifying and quantifying how Windows machines get compromised, he recently led the drive to change Autorun functionality on pre-Win7 machines; the update has so far improved the protection of nearly 400 million machines from attack via USB. Prior to Usable Security, he drove the SDL Threat Modeling Tool and the Elevation of Privilege threat modeling game as a member of the SDL core team. Before joining Microsoft, Adam was a leader of successful information security and privacy startups, and helped found the CVE, the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium and the International Financial Cryptography Association. He is co-author of the widely acclaimed book, The New School of Information Security.