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Mar 5, 2012


The guest on this podcast will blow your mind ... literally.  He is none other than the "human hacker" himself, Christopher Hadnagy, who has written a book and now runs  Chris is a long-time friend of mine and an invaluable resource in the psy-ops James Bond style social engineering world.  Chris knows his stuff, and he's willing to teach you if you're willing to listen... so buckle down and get educated on social engineering background, tricks and even the 6 things your company must do to prevent being a victim of social engineering attacks.  Oh ... and let's not forget, somewhere in this episode Chris makes you an offer you can't refuse, just for you Down the Rabbithole listeners, how cool is that?  If you've ever thought about taking a class, or having your organization fortified against social engineering attacks but didn't think it was within your budget - listen to this podcast ... 


 Christopher Hadnagy - Chris, or as his friends on Twitter know him - @HumanHacker - is a fountain of knowledge on social engineering and the art and science behind corporate-level offense and defense using the human mind.  Chris has written a book called Social Engineering: The art of human hacking, and runs contributing to community through teaching, speaking and writing as well as hosting a heck of a podcast on the fascinating topic of social engineering.  Chris's organization offers SE penetration testing, education and is at the forefront of social engineering tactics for the defensive good.