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Dec 6, 2011


  My guest David Elfering (@icxc on Twitter) and I go all over the map covering various SecBiz related topic, and come up with a fantastic set of quotes including: "No matter how long you hold the light bulb up, the world will not revolve around InfoSec" and other gems.  We talk through how to present to a business group or executive, the communication and written skills required and various other topics related with bridging the business - security gap.  This is a great episode to listen to - we cover a lot of ground.


  • David Elfering (@icxc) - David is the Senior Director of Information Security over at Werner Enterprises out of Omaha, NB.  David is a verteran of the IT industry providing leadership at corporate level, building and leading the security program and infrastructure for a two billion dollar, multi-national corporation. Experience at community, state and national levels with FBI Infragard, Nebraska Infrastructure Protection Council and the SANS Institute. Able to translate information security practices to business advantage. Experienced speaker, instructor and mentor. Member ISSA CISO Executive Forum. CRISC #1115272