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Sep 28, 2022


This week, Rafal takes the show on the road (literally) to Las Vegas for Fal.Con '22 -- this is CrowdStrike's premier global get-together of customers, partners, and industry experts to showcase some innovation and share ideas and insights.

I wanted to say a big thank you to CrowdStrike -- all the folks who...

Sep 20, 2022


Solving problems is a challenge not everyone is up for. The industry is littered with people and companies that bring small-time solutions to an industry begging and pleading for actual solutions. Jason Clark of Netskope, and long-time friend, joins James and Rafal to talk about the mindset and approach needed...

Sep 13, 2022

For those of you paying attention - DtSR is officially 11 years old.

This episode is the first episode of year (season) 12. WOW. Thank you for listening, sharing, commenting, and watching us live!


We work in a weird industry where marketing has to make ever-more outrageous claims that product and service teams...

Sep 6, 2022


Fresh off his presentation at Defcon 2022, Ken Pyle joins Rafal to talk about the Emergency Alert System (EAS) he's been hacking since 2019 and discusses findings, challenges, and the work left to do.

It's a fascinating conversation that will leave you wondering - how do we fix this clear and present problem,...