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Apr 26, 2022


Super pumped this week to have James Azar on the show. James hosts a collection of podcasts including one I try to catch as often as possible -

We cover a lot of ground, but you'll walk away with James' words ringing in your head, I can almost promise you...

Apr 19, 2022


This week, as we approach episode 500 and the extravaganza that it will be, James and I welcome my personal friend and all-around wonderful marketing dude, Russell Wurth. We joke about what's wrong with cyber-security, and why it's mostly marketing's fault.

Join us, prep your buzzword bingo card, and have a...

Apr 12, 2022


Have you noticed that the relationship between buyer and seller, or more precisely, between CISO and seller is... eh ... tenuous lately? OK, maybe it's a lot worse than that in some cases. Why is that? How did we get here? And how do we fix a relationship that is quite clearly necessary, but just so broken?...

Apr 4, 2022


This week, as Vladimir Putin's Russia continues to commit war crimes and genocide against the people of Ukraine, DtSR gathered a panel of experts to discuss and dissect the threat of a Russian-based cyber offensive against the west. Our panelists helped separate fact from fiction, and gave us some take-aways...