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Feb 22, 2022

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This week is a slightly longer (oops) episode of the DtSR Podcast with a three-timer, Adam...

Feb 15, 2022


This week I'm so thankful that James and I have the opportunity to talk to the authors of "The CISO Evolution" -- a fantastic book for anyone who wants to be, or is working as, a security leader. Rock and Matt join us to talk about the book, share some insights, and maybe answer a tough question or...

Feb 8, 2022


Continuing our thread on the software supply chain and SBoM (Software Bill of Materials) we bring in Ed Moyle who is writing a series on the subject for his column. Ed brings up some very interesting points on some key aspects of software supply chain including feasibility and asks that difficult question "So...

Feb 2, 2022


SBoM ("Software Bill of Materials") is the new rage. Everyone's talking about it. What it means is you're expecting a list of software components and includes, libraries, etc that make up the software you're buying or using.

The problem is, in real life, SBoM is exceptionally difficult and maybe even slightly...