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Nov 30, 2021


Folks, the video of this episode which was live-streamed to our YouTube channel is here: - and if you can, watch it.

Huge mega-thanks to Microsoft and Lightstream for bringing together Jeff and Mark on this one to deliver some truly phenomenal content.

This week is Azure Security...

Nov 23, 2021


Fair warning y'all, this episode may have been just slightly more fun than the Surgeon General allows. That said, on this one we not only made up some new terms ("Threat Instructions", Anton) but also had some fun describing what a well-functioning system of highly automate-able threat data would look like. And...

Nov 18, 2021


Hey! Are you attending OpenText World Enfuse? If not, click here and check it out - it's virtual!

Straight from Enfuse Chuck Dodson joins Rafal & James to talk about digital evidence collection, management, and processing in the realm of law enforcement. A fascinating look at the law enforcement side of things,...

Nov 15, 2021


In this episode, we host a lady who only needs one name, like a movie or rock star. But "Jax" deals with topics we normal people don't have the stomach for, like CMMC and government security. In this episode, she joins us to talk about the current Executive Order on Cybersecurity ( Executive Order 14028, May...

Nov 9, 2021


Let me start by saying how much I enjoy chatting with Rick Howard, today's podcast guest. Rick's been on before, and we always go long (especially on this one, sorry not sorry), but the content is well worth your time.

On today's episode, we chat about "Zero Trust" and where technology meets concept, what's...