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Dec 29, 2020


This week, on the last episode of 2020, Michael Coates joins Rafal to talk about wire-speed-data-protection. Sort of like CASB but more universal. Interestingly, Rafal and Michael talk through how DLP has evolved and into what, and some interesting developments along the way - then the promise of...

Dec 22, 2020


First and foremost, thank you to Prevailion for giving us some of Karim's time, and content for this episode. Adversary intelligence is critical to protection and defense, so the methods and means in which it's gathered, refined, and provided back into the industry is always a great topic of discussion.

I can't...

Dec 15, 2020


This week, one of my old allies in the advocacy for sane media appearance joins James and me on the podcast. We talk about being a media liaison, managing speakers and security types with lots to say and few f***s to give for the media. It's an interesting conversation if you want to hear about what your media...

Dec 8, 2020


Fill up your coffee cup, find a comfortable seat, and get ready to dive into this show! Richard & Anton join James and Rafal to discuss the SOC and it's evolution (or not) in today's enterprise.

  • What are the major issues with SOCs today?
  • What will the SOC of tomorrow be like?
  • Does anyone know why Anton's hair...

Nov 30, 2020


This week, virtually live from Enfuse 2020 we've invited Grayson Milbourne, who is the Director of Security Intelligence at OpenText (formerly Carbonite/Webroot), to the show to talk about his work, malware, and the ever-evolving battle between good and evil'ish.

This is a unique look at the intelligence,...