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May 14, 2019

This week, Rafal gets the rare occasion of sitting down face-to-face with someone and do an interview in person. Andy Green is a great if not sharky fellow, who helped me get over my PG rating for this podcast. So ... it's probably PG-13.


Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Andy talks about BSides Atlanta and...

May 7, 2019

This week on the podcast, Rafal gets some one on one time with Raffael Marty ... and it's #RaffCon.


Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Raf & Raffy discuss the origins of #RaffCon
  • Raffy talks through Artificial security
  • Raf and Raffy dive into "risk management"



  • Raffael Marty - (

May 1, 2019

This week, Rafal is joined by the man, the myth, the Aussie legend - Troy Hunt. We basically talk about whatever is on his mind - which, as it turns out is a lot. Take a listen, we may publish an English translation later (joking, Troy!).


Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Troy gives a run-down on

Apr 23, 2019

This week, on a riveting edition of Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast Raf sits down with Richie Etwaru, a human data ethicist and Founder and CEO of

What's a human data ethicist, you ask? Listen to the podcast, and find out.

Highlights from this week's show include...

  • Richie walks us through data...

Apr 16, 2019

This week on episode 342, Michael Coates joins Rafal & James for the 2nd time. Michael's first episode was way, way back in 2015 on episode 134 titled "Fundamental Security". Looks like things haven't changed much.

We highly recommend you check out episode 134 first, then listen to this one. Trust us, you want the...