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Apr 27, 2012


In this short microcast we rap about the THOTCON 0x3 experience, why we think the Chicago community has taken off so much, and what sorts of interesting things make THOTCON, and the local hacker con here in Chicago, so attractive to people from around the world.  Yes, there is...

Apr 24, 2012


This episode I sit down with Dave Frederickon who has a unique viewpoint on cloud computing from a Canadian point of view, as well as a VP of the HP Canada business.  I pose some tough questions to Dave including "Is 'cloud' just marketing hype?" and other discussion topics and we have a good chat on the...

Apr 2, 2012


On this episode of Down the Rabbithole I get the distinct pleasure of sitting down with one of Silicon Valley's top attorneys to talk Cloud Computing T's and C's ...and let me tell you this was a wild ride.  I learned a lot, including the fact that I know a famous legal court case about a tugboat captain...